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Ready for Ice Fishing!

As my name implies I like to fish. I will pretty much fish anytime and anywhere that  I can. Presently I really want to go ice fishing. The weather around here is slowly but surely getting colder. The last week or so its been getting down below freezing and this morning there was ice in my minnow bucket. This is great news. Very soon I am going to get out all my ice fishing gear and make sure everything is ready to go. I did buy some wires for my poles, these are used instead of bobbers, they wiggle when there is a fish on the line. I also have to check the ice fishing shelter to make sure that is ready to go as well. Ice fishing is a popular winter sport and helps when you have a bad case of cabin fever. I never really liked winter but since becoming an ice fisherwoman I love the winter. Maybe tomorrow I will drag my husband to the sporting goods store and see what new jigs they have for ice fishing. They are always coming out with new colors and shapes. I love that stuff. I also just recently bought my husband and myself each a pair of jeans with flannel lining. Wow are they warm.  My feet are usually the body part that gets the coldest first and my 2 sisters each just knitted me some thick socks. So I am real anxious to try them out. Come on ice.