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The Cold Weather I Was Looking For

Yipee, its really cold today. When I got up at 6 am it was below freezing. This is good news for those of us that can’t wait to hit the ice.  We had one of the most mild summers that I can remember so I was thinking that maybe we would have an early winter. But that hasn’t seemed to happen as it’s the last day of November and still no ice to speak of. I don’t really care for this in between type of weather, it’s almost to cold to fish the open water and there is no ice yet so I can’t go ice fishing. What’s a girl to do? Blog that’s what.  The fish are not biting in the Kankakee River for weeks now in my area  so I am having a bad case of fishy withdrawal. I think the last fish I caught was in October.  So basically all I can do is wait, which I am not very good at.